City of Toronto

City of Toronto

​​The City of Toronto is the sole shareholder of Toronto Community Housing. The relationship between Toronto Community Housing and the city is organized by a policy called the Shareholder Direction. The Shareholder Direction defines the principles, objectives and accountability requirements for Toronto Community Housing.

The City of Toronto is responsible for all social housing providers in this city. It acts as Service Manager and Program Administrator for all social housing agencies.

The City administers its Service Manager role through the Shelter, Housing & Support Unit of the Community Neighbourhood Services Department.

Ombudsman Toronto

Ombudsman Toronto is an independent and impartial investigator of complaints and concerns about the City of Toronto and many of its agencies and corporations, including Toronto Community Housing.

Members of the public may contact Ombudsman Toronto once reasonable efforts have been made to resolve the issue directly. Complaints may be submitt​ed by phone, fax, mail, email, in person or online.

Ombudsman Toronto's services are free and confidential. 

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Auditor General

The Auditor General performs independent audits of City of Toronto operations to identify opportunities for improvements and cost savings. 

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