​​​​​​​​​We believe that giving young residents the opportunity to attend a postsecondary education or training institution will empower them to become young leaders who will improve their communities. Learn more about each of our scholarship programs:

These scholarships are awarded to residents (of all ages) from the Allenbury Gardens community to attend a postsecondary education or private training institution. The scholarship recognizes the recipient's leadership in strengthening their community.

Application status: CLOSED

The Building our Future: Limitless Heights Scholarship program is now closed. From 2013 to 2021, 145 scholarships and bursaries were awarded to eligible residents of all ages from the Lawrence Heights and Neptune communities for their demonstrated passion for community building. This scholarship was possible thanks to funding provided by Heights Development, a co-venture of Context and Metropia and our developer partner for the phase 1 revitalization of our Lawrence Heights community.

Application status: CLOSED

These scholarships are awarded to residents (29 years or younger) from all communities across Toronto to attend postsecondary education or training opportunities. The Investing in Our Diversity Scholarship program is organized in partnership with the Scadding Court Community Centre. The scholarships recognize young residents for their contributions to anti-racism, diversity and leadership initiatives.

Application status: OPEN

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