Burst radiator prevention tips

Burst radiator prevention tips

​How to prevent a radiator from bursting in your unit​

As temperatures dip below zero, here are some ways you can prevent a radiator from bursting in your unit.

Radiators bring heat into your unit to help you stay warm on cold winter days. But, extreme cold weather can cause your radiator to burst. This can cause damage to your home and your neighbours' homes and may cause flooding as well.

Here are some things you can do to prevent a radiator from bursting:

  • Do not leave your windows open for longer than one hour. Cold air can cause water to freeze inside a radiator and cause it to burst.
  • Make sure your radiator is not colder at the top than the bottom. This happens when there is trapped air. You will need to talk to your Superintendent or call 416-981-5500 to arrange to have the air released.
  • Make sure your furniture is at least 15 cm away from the radiator. If your radiator is blocked by furniture or heavy curtains, warm air will not properly spread through and heat your unit.
  • Most importantly, never adjust the radiator by yourself. If you find your unit too cold or too warm, talk to your Superintendent or call the Client Care Centre at 414-981-5500.

If your radiator bursts, please call 416-981-5500 right away.