Phone, cable and Internet

Phone, cable and Internet

​​​​​​Phone, cable and Internet are not included in your rent. You can choose any of the companies that provide service in Toronto. Make appointments with the phone or cable company during the day, from Monday to Friday, so your Superintendent can be there if the technician needs access to a restricted area of the building.

If you live in a building with an enter-phone system and you find it is not working, check with your cable provider to see if their service works with the enter-phone system.

Lobby channel feed

Both Bell and Rogers have recently made changes to their technology. That has affected tenants' ability to view the lobby channel feed in the building. Learn more about the changes to lobby channels​.

Installing a satellite dish

You must get written permission from your regional office or Property Management ​office before you install a satellite dish. A recognized professional must install your satellite dish to meet defined safety regulations and avoid safety hazards. You must provide proof that the satellite dish was installed safely.

Your regional General Manager or Property Manager can provide a list of qualified contractors to install the satellite dish.

If you install a satellite dish without written permission, you will be charged for the removal and any repairs that are needed.

Please note: If you install a satellite dish, you must have insurance for your home.​​