Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop

​Toronto Community Housing is testing a new way to get feedback from residents on the quality and timeliness of maintenance work done in their homes. It's called Closing the Loop. We use the information residents share to improve service delivered by our staff and third-party vendors, right away.

The Closing the Loop pilot was launched at Jane and Firgrove in May 2015. More than three-quarters of residents who participated in the pilot program reported that they noticed improved service and were satisfied with the work and courtesy of staff and contractors.

"I was on vacation when someone came to fix my bathroom, but when the supervisor came around to inspect it, he wasn't satisfied with the work. So he asked the contractor to come back and redo the [floor] tiles. By the time I came back from vacation, my bathroom was well done. I was happy with what was done and now I have more confidence in the program." — ​Resident, Jane and Firgrove

Closing the Loop expand in December 2015 to 77 more communities in York-Black Creek, Scarborough Southwest, Central Bathurst-St Lawrence and Central Sherbourne area. Residents of Lawrence/Orton​ in Scarborough and Queensway/Windermere​​ in Etobicoke South-High Park will also have the opportunity to participate in this phase of the program.

At the end of the expanded pilot program we'll review all of the data to find gaps and opportunities to improve service in all buildings across the city.

How Closing the Loop works​

A telephone handle Step 1: Call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500 to request maintenance work.

​​A person with headphonesStep 2: We will answer your call and confirm your home address.

A notepadStep 3: We will give you an EasyTrac reference number. This is your personal reference number. Use the number when you follow up on your request. Keep this number handy.

ToolsStep 4: Toronto Community Housing staff or a contractor will be sent to your home. This can take up to a week. You will receive a 24-hours' notice before we enter your home. Remember to check for identification (I.D.) before staff or a contractor enter your home.

A person with headphonesStep 5: We will call you to make sure that the maintenance work was done right and that you received courteous service.​​

​For more information about this program, send an email to or call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.​