Unit condition follow-up process

Unit condition follow-up process

​​​​Toronto Community Housing inspects tenant units every year. This is important work. It's our chance to make sure the units are livable and in a good state of repair.

Common issues

During annual unit inspections, we find other problems such as:
  • excessive clutter
  • fire safety violations
  • pests
  • cleanliness/health hazards concerns

Sometimes, families, caseworkers, neighbours or staff performing other duties report or flag unit conditions.

How we help

Toronto Community Housing staff have been trained on how to support residents with units that have these problems. There are four stages for staff to follow:
  • Stage 1: Identify. Staff make note of units​ with concerns.
  • Stage 2: Notify. Staff inform residents about concerns with their unit.
  • Stage 3: Plan. Staff support residents to develop a plan to improve their unit.
  • Stage 4: Follow-up/resolution. Staff visit unit to ensure the plan is working and the unit condition is maintained.

This helps staff:
  • decide how to respond to urgent problems
  • prioritize cases
  • work with the City and other external partners
  • work with residents towards realistic progress
  • use the legal process when working with residents to keep them housed

Review Toronto Community ​Housing's policy on evictions for cause (PDF).​