Clean buildings

Clean buildings

​Toronto Community Housing's is committed to providing clean buildings for residents. 

Cleaning routines

Posters about our updated cleaning routines are posted in all buildings and developments. These posters cover the daily, weekly and monthly routines for cleaners. For example, in lobbies and entrances, it is part of the daily routine to vacuum and spot clean all carpets, mats and runners.

How residents can help to keep communities clean

Clean buildings are everyone's responsibility and it takes staff and residents working together to keep a building clean. Here are some tips to remember: 

  • Properly dispose of cigarette butts when smoking in outdoor common areas or on your balcony.
  • Keep the lobby, hallways and other common areas clear of clutter, garbage/debris and large objects, including scooters and bikes. Never leave items in common areas as they are fire and safety hazards.
  • Enjoy your balcony responsibly. Never throw garbage, cigarette butts or other items off the balcony. Don't use your balcony for storage.
  • Dispose of waste properly. Keep the trash chute clear and do not leave garbage bags and/or garbage/debris on the floor of the chute room or in common areas. Sort your garbage and recycling properly, and bring your recycling to the designated recycling area or bin.
  • You are responsible for your pet's behavior and the behavior of the pet of any visitors or guests. This includes cleaning up after the pet and keeping pets on a leash in common areas.

If you see something, say something! Please report things that could be dangerous to others (like a spill) to either your Superintendent or the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.

Waste management

Proper waste management is an easy way to help keep your community clean. Here are some tips to remember: 


  • Keep the trash chute, chute room and garbage room clear.
  • Sort your garbage and recycling. If you're not sure where an item goes, go to toronto or call 311.
  • Rinse all containers that you are recycling. When you are ready to dispose of them, put them down the recycling chute (not in bags). If you don't have a recycling chute, bring the items to the recycling room and put them in the proper bin. Do not leave items on the floor of the garbage/recycling room
  • Dispose of large items properly. Talk to your Superintendent if you have a large item (like furniture or large boxes) that you need to get rid of.

Don't pour cooking oil down the sink, toilet or drain. It can clog the pipes in your building and community. 

Don't put batteries in the garbage or recycling. Ask your Superintendent if there is a disposal place for batteries in the building or take them to a City of Toronto Drop-off Depot. 

Never throw garbage or cigarette butts off your balcony. 

Go to  for more information about proper waste management.