Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling


Building staff monitor the temperature in most buildings. According to the Toronto rental apartment heat bylaw​, building temperatures should be at least 21 Celsius from September 15 to June 1. We use this bylaw to decide when to turn the heat on and off.

If you are concerned about the temperature inside your unit, check for two important things:
  1. Are any of the windows open? Check to make sure both the inside and outside panes are closed.
  2. Can you adjust your thermostat to a warmer setting? Try moving the thermostat to a warmer setting, and wait a few minutes to see if the room gets warmer as a result.
If the temperature inside your unit is still an issue, call the Client Care Centre at ​416-981-5500.

Window ​air conditioners

TCHC changes its policy for window air conditioners 

On December 2, 2019, Toronto Community Housing announced it will no longer permit tenants to have a window air conditioner unless it is contained within a balcony and has launched a program to remove all such air conditioners from its multi-storey buildings. 

TCHC will replace each air conditioner it removes with a new floor-model air conditioner, at no cost to the tenant, before the start of the 2020 cooling season. 

Tenants who currently have a window air conditioner within a balcony may continue to use them until further notice.  

Read our news release to learn more.

Read our tenant FAQ (PDF) to learn more about policy changes for window air conditioners.