Window safety

Window safety

Window locks and other safety devices are there to keep you safe

Window locks are used in apartment buildings to protect people and pets from falling through window screens. Windows can be opened 4 inches (or about 10 centimetres) to let in fresh air while keeping you safe.

Window screens are designed to keep insects of your unit but are not strong enough to prevent children or pets from falling through them.

Never damage, tamper with, or remove window locks or screens in your home.

  • Missing locks or screens can lead to falls, causing serious injuries or death.
  • Tampering with window locks or screens puts your safety at risk and violates the terms of your lease. It could lead to eviction. You will also be charged for the repairs.

What if my window lock or screen needs repair?

Report any window locks or screens that need repair by talking to your superintendent or by contacting the Client Care Centre at or 416-981-5500. ​