Contract management

Contract management

​We have property management contracts for 58 Toronto Community Housing communities.

Del Management Solutions and Greenwin Inc. manage 12,017 units i​n six groups of buildings.

To improve services for tenants, Toronto Community Housing had added several additional performance targets specific to achieving customer service, maintenance, cleaning, and operating targets. The new targets include:
  • Completing 80% of maintenance requests within five business days.
  • Resolving 90% of tenant complaints within three business days.
  • Resolving 95% of tenant administrative requests within two business days.

​​​​Failing to meet the targets set in the new contracts could result in financial penalties for the providers. An additional provision in the contracts is the ability for Toronto Community Housing to terminate the contract with 60 days’ notice.​​

What is contract or property management?

In some buildings, Toronto Community Housing has hired an outside company to take care of property management. These companies do the same work that Toronto Community Housing's employees do: they calculate and collect rents, clean and maintain the building, and make repairs in apartments.

What does this mean for the services tenants receive?

The property management companies we work with do the same work that our employees do: they calculate and collect rents, clean and maintain the building, and make repairs in apartments.

But, no matter where you live or who manages your building, Toronto Community Housing is responsible for making sure that you get quality service. Toronto Community Housing will provide tenants with continuity of service, with minimum disruption, during any transition.

Key Facts

  • The three-year contracts are valued at $24.1 million to Del, and $6 million to Greenwin. The contracts take effect on May 1, 2017.
  • TCHC will save between $185 and $116 annually for each unit that is contract-managed compared with those that are directly-managed by TCHC. 
  • TCHC has 12,196 contract-managed units in 57 communities across the city.
  • Six property management companies submitted proposals to a public Request for Proposal (RFP) issued in December 2016. 
  • The RFP divided TCHC’s contract-managed properties into three groups. Del was awarded management of the east group (5,863 units) and west group (3,831 units) while Greenwin was awarded the central group (2,502 units).  
  • An independent Fairness Commissioner has confirmed that the RFP process was fair and transparent for all proponents. 

View the list of buildings managed by our property management partners (PDF).​