2015 PB allocation results

2015 PB allocation results

​​​​​​About 190 Participatory Budgeting projects were approved in 2015 after a city-wide consultation with residents, including Tenant Representatives and resident leaders. These community improvement and safety projects reflect what residents consider their priorities. The projects include laundry room and recreation room upgrades, playgrounds renewal, fencing installation and safety locks.

Click on a category (​West, East​, Central ​and Safety​) to see a list of approved projects and their locations. You can also press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to search for your building address.

Do you need more information on a project or about how to get involved? Send an email to pb@torontohousing.ca or leave a message at 416-981-4072.​

West area​​

Address Project description
5430 Y​onge St. Install seniors-friendly benches, repair​ and repaint existing benches in front of the building
6250 Bathurst St. Install new canopies at the front and back entrances of the building
35 Park Home Ave. Duct cleaning throughout the building
3036 Bathurst St. Repair ventilation ducts (Bathroom and Kitchen), paint and replace ceiling tiles in the common areas
193 Wilson Ave. Garden area renewal, including building new vegetable garden boxes
4455 Bathurst St. Install new tables, new upright piano, electrical run for scooters, microphone system, safety rail at ramp and vertical blinds
600-612B Rogers Rd. Replace lobby furniture and the common space carpet. Install fitness recumbent bike in the recreation room
35 Shoreham Dr. Paint common areas, install blinds and built-in bookshelves. Replace carpet with porcelain tiles and do window caulking
168 John St. Replace hallways carpet from the 2nd to the 7th floor with porcelain tiles
41 Mabelle Ave. Install new couches and benches, and new windows blinds and curtains
250 Twelfth St. Install new fabric vertical blinds, new tables and chairs, piano or karaoke, new TV and clock for the recreation room
3174 Bathurst St. Install fitness and entertainment equipment in the recreation room. Install new blinds, chairs with arms and remove the billiard table
340 Royal York Rd. Install bike racks at the rear entrance and benches near the front entrance. Install two Hibachi Grills and picnic tables in the courtyard
91 Augusta Ave. Install two bike racks for a total of 24 bikes
98 Cavell Ave. Install fitness and entertainment equipment in the recreation room, add new tables, chairs and two long padded cushions (for the concrete window ledges)
34 Oxford St. Clean and repair existing fans in the kitchen, and install ductless range hood over the stovetop
12 King High Ave. Install handrails at main entrance and south side, flower box, seniors-friendly benches, and create a community garden
55 Outlook Ave. Laundry room upgrade, painting and tiles replacement
1447 King St. West Painting of common space and areas to match new floor covering
900 Queen's Plate Dr. Paint hallways
1025 Scarlett Rd. Transform the craft room into a fitness room. Install fitness and entertainment equipment in the recreation room, and fob access
2 Arbodell Rd. Laundry room upgrades to 14 buildings
2350 Finch Ave. West Replace existing carpet with new porcelain tiles
3101 Weston Rd. Install a standard air-conditioner for the recreation room
2067 Islington Ave. Paint hallways and unit doors including frames on all six (6) floors and baseboards
1 Shendale Dr. Lobby upgrade
75 Tanridge Crescent Basketball court upgrade
2265 Jane St. Duct cleaning
10,20,30 and 40 Falstaff Ave. Build a new community garden, new fencing, pathway, tool shed, garden plots, and install a locking system
1570 Jane St. Construct a new gazebo beside the existing playground. Add new picnic benches and sitting benches
404 Driftwood Ave. Duct cleaning
4400 Jane St. Renovate existing fitness room and add fob access. Paint walls, replace tiles and water cooler. Install ceiling fans, wall-mounted TV and reflective material on one wall​​
2585 Jane St. Install new flooring (porcelain tiles) in all common area hallways
1286 Wilson Ave. Paint the balcony railings on all floors
1-25 Shoreham Court (odd and even) Duct Cleaning
2999 Jane St. Seal windows and balcony doors
15 Tobermory Dr. Replace flooring on the first floor and paint the common area
1-25 Shoreham Court () Duct Cleaning
1884 Davenport Rd. (Lowrise) Replace hallway carpeting with porcelain tiles
121 Humber Blvd. Paint all residential doors (285 in total)
4020 Dundas St. West Replace and/or paint unit doors, unit numbers on each door. Paint all rails
61 Pelham Park Gardens Paint stairwells and garbage chutes
102 Tyndall Ave. Paint common areas, including hallways, stairwells and the laundry rooms
61 Pelham Park Gardens Landscaping and pruning
44 Willowridge Rd. Paint hallways, doors, door frames, walls and ceilings
1884 Davenport Rd. (Highrise) Replace carpets in the hallways, service rooms and lobby with porcelain tiles (8 floors)
5005 Dundas St. West Paint hallways, doors and the lobby
2 Faywood Place Playground upgrade
145 Elm Ridge Dr. Common space painting
3680 Keele St. Recreation room upgrade
Scattered Heights Dufferin Scattered Landscape improvements
495 Wilson Ave. Common space painting

East are​a​

Address Project description
145 Strat​hmore Boulevard Exterior improvements
7 Coatsworth Crescent Upgrade to the common area
1420 Victoria Park Ave. Recreation room upgrade
310 Dundas St. East Exterior improvements
717 Broadview Ave. Upgrade to the common room
10 Deauville Manor Interior improvements
330 Gerrard St. East Install a canopy by the main entrance
3825 Sheppard Ave. East Blinds upgrade
369 Pape Ave. Exterior improvements
71 Merton Ave. Flooring upgrade
55 Bleecker St. Interior improvement
828 Kingston Rd. Recreation room upgrade
50 Norway Ave. Interior improvement
859 Dundas St. East Exterior improvement
252 Sackville St. Install a Bingo machine in the recreation room
586 King St. Recreation room upgrade
130 Eglinton Ave. Interior improvement
1315 Neilson Rd. Furniture upgrade in the common area
65 Greencrest Circuit Interior improvement
120 Townhaven Place Recreation room upgrade
17 Brimley Rd. Recreation room upgrade
12 Thorncliffe Park Dr. Exterior improvement
2950 Lawrence Ave. East Exterior improvement
266 Donlands Ave. Interior improvement
402-404 Lumsden Ave. (townhouses) Screen door upgrade
444 Lumsden Ave. (East and West Tower) Lobby upgrade
2 Brahms Ave. Recreation room upgrade
5 -11 Wakunda Place Storm door upgrade
275, 260, 180 and 160 Chester Le Blvd. and 51 Morecambe Gate Replace all supporting timbers of retaining walls and in front of steps of all units
58, 61 Grenoble Dr. Walkway repair
17, 21 Rochefort Dr. Walkway repair
18-22 St Dennis Dr. Walkway repair
1, 4-8 Vendome Pl. Walkway repair
1-15, 2-10 Field Sparroway Painting upgrade
51 Parkwoods Village Dr. and 14 Rayoak Rd. The installation of fence lines
90 Parma Court Tree pruning
235-239 and 251-257 Roywood Dr. Exterior upgrades, including the common space
2739, 2743 Victoria Park Ave. Install exterior signage
4100 and 4110 Lawrence Ave. East Exterior improvements. Extend rear garden and add a new shed
30 Valia Rd. Install new patio doors
365 Bay Mills Blvd. Renovate backyard lobby
3479 St Clair Ave. East Mail box replacement
7 Glamorgan Ave. Install metal benches, picnic tables and concrete pads
101-159, 160-230 Danzig St. Playground replacement
6 Glamorgan Ave. Exterior improvements, including installing barbecue pits, picnic tables and benches installations
4205 Lawrence Ave. East Install new metal mesh benches and renovate existing fish tank, including adding new sprinkler and filtration system
1201 Midland Ave. Install new wooden fencing in the backyards
50 Tuxedo Rd. Painting of walls in the common area and stairs
4301, 4311, 4315, 4321,4325, 4331 Kingston Rd. Paint the hallway
10 Glen Everest Rd. Outdoor upgrades
3190 Kingston Rd. Playground surfacing
410 McCowan Rd. Windows replacement
10 Gordonridge Pl. Upgrade to the kitchen in the community recreation room​​
20 Gordonridge Pl. Install fitness equipment
682 Warden Ave. Upgrade the fitness room

Central ​area​

Address Project description
1 Church St.​ Install furniture, fitness and entertainment equipment for meeting room​​
25 Henry Lane Terrace Replace townhouse doorbells
341 Bloor St. West Install a standard air-conditioner in laundry room
21 St Joseph St. Mailbox upgrades
12 Princess Ave. Install a 12-space bike rack
1400 Bathurst St. Paint the common areas
25 Bishop Tutu Blvd. Upgrade to the recreation room
150 Dan Leckie Way Install fitness equipment in the recreation room
15 Scadding Ave. Sandblast and paint the iron bars on parking levels
470 Melita Ave. Landscaping around the building perimeter
679 Queens Quay West Garden edging (townhouse only)
146 Lambert Lodge Ave. Community space upgrade
22 McCaul St. Hallway painting
575 Adelaide St. West Install benches in front of building
790 Eglinton Ave. West Install benches and hand rails
111 Frederick St Screen door replacements
316 Brunswick Ave. Eavestrough replacement
111 Chestnut St. Garden on ground floor
480 Huron St. Garden improvements
176 The Esplanade Repaint the common areas and doors
15 Larch St. Upgrade garbage enclosure
61 Wales Ave. Resurface the front steps for each townhouse
25 Elm St. Rooftop replacement
140 The Esplanade Exterior improvements
55 The Esplanade Duct cleaning
375 Bleecker St. Repair the park access hut and paint the existing metal benches. Install new awning, concrete planters, LED light bollards and entrance light fixtures, and bike racks
389 Church St. Replace hallways carpets with porcelain tiles
291 George St. Install new picnic tables for exterior seating
460 Jarvis St. Remove wallpapers and paint the hallways
440 to 450B Queen St. Install new front doors, mailboxes and signage
325 Bleecker St. Renovate the basketball court and playground. Repair the walkway and paint the benches
250 Davenport Rd. Paint hallways, doors, walls, ceilings, trim and garbage chute rooms
275 Shuter St. Paint hallways and exit doors, and upgrade lighting
501 Adelaide St. East Outdoor improvements, including installing new benches, new garden and trees planting
200 Wellesley St. East Create underground parking storage for e-bikes and bicycles, and install fob access and fencing
11 Newbold Ave. Lobby upgrade and tiles replacement
50 Matilda St. Improvements to the community room
133 Broadway Ave. Paint the common areas
2745, 2755 and 2765 Yonge St. New flooring (porcelain tiles)
333 Kingston Rd. Repair or replace the storage shed
1615 Dundas St. East Locker room upgrade
39 Harcourt Ave. Build a new garbage bin enclosure. Paint hallways, stairwells, and lobby area
520 Kingston Rd. Paint the hallway
59 Edgewood Ave. Paint the balconies and railings
1080 Eastern Ave. Paint the common areas
426 Coxwell Ave. Paint the laundry room stucco, and townhouse stucco, including trim, window frames and associated parts
28 Broadway Ave. Install new benches and concrete pads in ​front of the building. Create space for a box hedge along the sidewalk and planting
1 Oak St. Paint the common areas same colour
407 Gerrard St. and 260 Sumach St. Install a new iron bench with back
246 Sackville St. Install rectangular flip top tables

Community safety​​​

Address ​Project description
21,17, 11 Allenbury Garden Install fob access
80 Danforth Ave. Fencing upgrade/new installations
330 Jarvis St. Install a new intercom system
4000 Don Mills Rd. Install fob access on all doors to common areas
423 Yonge St. Install fob access for the common are​a, recreation room, washroom, laundry room and the patio
​ 25 Henry Terrace Lane Install fob access, exterior lighting and fencing to prevent access to the stairwell by non-residents
251 Sherbourne St. Install additional security lighting at the front property line
241-247, 251, 257-259, 263-285 Sherbourne St. Extend existing fence
1275 Danforth Ave. Install new covers and LED bulbs. Repair and install new lighting in common areas
42,44 and 40 Dixington Crescent Install new fob access for all entry doors
1775 Eglinton Ave. West Upgrade existing intercom system
415 Driftwood Ave. Install new fob access and intercom system
245 Dunn Ave. Repair or replace emergency exit doors
540 Queen St. Install a panic bar at the back gate
98 Elmer Ave. Install new fob access for all exterior doors, front and rear entrance
220 Oak St. Install a new fob access to the recreation room, medical and fitness room
85 Gilder Dr. Install fob access and automatic door openers. Install new exterior doors
190 Woolner Ave. Upgrade lighting in the underground parking garage
261 Jarvis St. Install new doors at garbage room, garbage signage and parking signage.
2287 Gerrard St. East Install fob access at the front entrance, recreation and laundry room
130 Vaughan Rd. Install mag locks (back door and the rear terrace)
3181 Eglinton Ave. East Install a new intercom system
400 McCowan Rd. Install fob access at various locations and replace the exterior building doors, including the automatic door openers
90 and 110 Mornelle Court Upgrade exterior lighting (with sensors) at problematic areas
285 Shuter St. Install a new intercom system
295 Shuter St. Install a new intercom system
145 Mutual St. Install new wall-mounted LED light packs at the rear of the building and fencing around the building. Install a gate for the garbage truck and an exit only pedestrian gate at the sidewalk
25 Mutual St. Build a higher fence around the garbage area. Install lighting and fob access at the existing gate
11 Newbold Ave. Replacement of stairwell flooring to ensure safety
90 Parma Court (highrise) Install fob access (1st and 2nd floor) and an Automatic Door Opener
177 Pendrith St. Install fob access (side entrances and the recreation room)
200 Sherbourne St. Install fob access
575 Danforth Ave. Install a new intercom system and fob access
155 Sherbourne St. Install new front door locks for all units
248 Simcoe St. Install a new intercom system
South St. James Town 1 and 2 Upgrade laneway lighting. Install wall packs and porch lights
15-21 Casimir St. Resurface the steps in the entryway to all townhouses. Repainting of hand rails
4175 Lawrence Ave. East Replace entry doors with new steel doors to improve safety and reduce vandalism. Repair side lighting
229 The West Mall Exterior lighting upgrade (new LED wall packs and LED post fixtures)
5 Bellevue Crescent Replace the all exterior fire doors
415 Willowdale Ave. Replace the intercom systems, north and south of the building
2835 Lakeshore Blvd. West Install​ a new intercom system
133 Merrill Ave. East Install a new secured chain link
95 Woods St. Install fob access
2468 Eglinton Ave. West Install emergency exit windows on each floor
40-42 Baldwin St. (Hydro Block) Walkway upgrade​​
230 River St. Iron fencing
300 Dufferin St. Upgrade of the intercom system