From October 13 to 26, 2016, six consultation sessions were held across the city about Toronto Community Housing's Participatory Budgeting (PB) process. This included:
  • open feedback sessions,
  • a "consolidation day" where tenants summarized the information from the open sessions, and
  • a final review meeting where tenants and staff reviewed the final results and next steps.

The consultation sessions were delivered collaboratively by Facilities Management, Resident and Community Services, and Public Affairs staff.

The objectives of each consultation session were as follows:

  • Four open feedback sessions (October 13, 17, 18 and 19) to hear from tenants about what they like and do not like about PB and to gather ideas about how to improve the PB process.
  • Consolidation day (October 22) for tenants to work together to consolidate the data (results) from the open feedback sessions and to develop solutions-focused action plans for PB moving forward.
  • Final review meeting (October 26) to share the results of the PB consultations with tenants and discuss the next steps.

Toronto Community Housing invited members of the Participatory Budgeting Monitoring Committees, Tenant Representatives, and tenant leaders to attend. Over 100 tenants took part in the consultations over the course of the six sessions.

The goals of the consultations were to get a better understanding of what works and what does not work with the current PB process and to engage tenants to begin thinking about an alternative way forward.

This page has links to the materials used during the consultations. The PDF versions of the presentations include a detailed description of the findings, which were summarized by tenants during the "consolidation day" meeting.

Resident Services Committee report

The Resident Services Committee will review a report on November 21, 2016. Visit our calendar to view a copy of the committee report.

Residents are invited to attend the Resident Services Committee meeting. Residents are welcome to make deputations about PB at that meeting. For more information about making a deputation, call 416-981-6104.

Consultation meeting materials