Tenant Action Funds

Tenant Action Funds

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Do you have an idea for a project or initiative to address your community priorities? Tenant and tenant groups can apply for Tenant Action Funds to address local priorities. All Tenant Action Funds applications will reviewed and approved by the Interim Funding Tables.

What are the Interim Funding Tables?

The four Interim Funding Tables are made up of representatives from each directorate – east, central, seniors and west. Members of the Interim Funding Tables will help distribute Tenant Council and Use of Space funds to tenants or tenant groups that need resources to address their community priorities. 

Why establish the Interim Funding Tables?

  • Reforming the Tenant Council funding structure to address local issues and priorities and make sure that there is a transparent and equitable distribution of funding among communities, is a priority under (CWTSEAC recommendation 1.14).
  • Tenants identified their local community priorities during consultations in 2018 and need access to resources to address them.
  • In December 2018, Tenant Representatives were informed that tenants will have an opportunity to request up to 75 per cent of allocated funds for community building and engagement activities through their Tenant Councils until May 2019. The remaining funds will be available starting in September.
  • Current Tenant Representative terms ended on June 30, 2019. The key function of the Tenant Representatives was to approve Tenant Council and Use of Space funding requests.

Who can apply for the Tenant Action Funds?

All Toronto Community Housing tenants can request resources for projects and initiatives that will respond to tenant identified priorities. Members of the Interim Funding Tables are not allowed to submit funding requests for initiatives in their community, but members of their community can apply for the Tenant Action Funds. All applicants must balance previously allocated funds before seeking additional resources. Any tenant found to be misappropriating funds will be ineligible to apply for future resources.

Applications for the Tenant Action Funds are now openDownload a copy of the Tenant Action Funds application form (PDF) for more information. 

What is the maximum dollar amount that can be allocated to the project or initiative I submitted for through the Tenant Action Funds?

A maximum of $1,000 can be allocated to the project or initiative.

What is the process to apply for Tenant Action Funds?

Once you submit your application form, it will be reviewed by the Interim Funding Table in your directorate and they will determine whether or not funding will be allocated. Tenants will receive a letter with the status of their application within two weeks after the review meeting date. If your application is approved, your local engagement Community Services Coordinator will contact you to discuss next steps.

What are the submission deadlines?

Applications must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline.   
  • For September review, applications must be submitted by Saturday, August 31, 2019 
  • For October review, applications must be submitted by Monday, September 30, 2019.
  • For November review, applications must be submitted by Thursday, October 31, 2019.

How do I get the Tenant Action Funds application form?

How can I find more information on Tenant Action Funds? 

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