Tenant Engagement System Refresh news

Tenant Engagement System Refresh news

The Tenant Engagement System is currently underway. The Tenant and Community Services team is working with tenants to develop a new Tenant Engagement System.

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A refreshed Tenant Engagement System

The Tenant Engagement System and implementation plan were approved on July 19, 2019.

TES visual outlining how it works (1.Building or townhouse level to 2. Community level to 3. City level

Key elements of the tenant engagement system include:

  • a new three-level structure for the local, operating unit/community and city level.
  • giving tenants the option to select the local engagement model that best fits their community, from two options: community representatives and building/townhouse committee
  • allowing tenants to establish independent groups known as tenant associations in their community. A community can choose to have a tenant association in addition to engaging in the Tenant Engagement System

Read the news release to learn more about the approval of the Tenant Engagement System. 

Tenant Engagement System Refresh key facts

  • 3,326 tenants participated in community meetings to brainstorm local priorities
  • 10,205 tenants participated in activities to establish community priorities
  • 303 tenants participated in the consultations forums
  • 292 tenants participated in the community feedback forums
  • 125 tenants participated in the Tenant Volunteer Policy consultations
  • 2,380 tenants completed the section of the 2018 Tenant Experience Survey that addressed the tenant engagement system related 
Read our backgrounder to learn how Toronto Community Housing has worked with tenants to develop the Tenant Engagement Refresh System in 2018.

Meet the Tenant-Staff Election Working Group

Toronto Community Housing established a Tenant-Staff Election Working Group to support the next phase of the tenant engagement refresh process. The group consists of tenants and staff.  

Members of the Tenant-Staff Election Working group holding their terms of reference.

Photo above: Members of the Tenant-Staff Election Working Group.


Tenant-Staff Election Working Group was established in response to the recommendations presented by the City-Wide Tenant-Staff Engagement Advisory Committee's Tenant Engagement System Refresh report (PDF) in 2017.

The criteria and process to select members of the working group was determined though tenant consultations in 2018. 


The Tenant-Staff Election Working Group meets on a bi-weekly basis. The purpose of the Tenant-Staff Election Working Group is to:

  • develop a tenant election work plan, selection process, evaluation plan and standard operating procedures on how elections will be conducted
  • create communication materials that give tenants a greater understanding of:
    • the roles and responsibilities of Community Representatives and Tenant Committee members
    • how to participate at the Tenant Community Action Table (formerly known as Tenant Councils)
    • how to become a member of the City-Wide Tenant-Staff Governance Oversight Committee

Terms of Reference

On May 22, 2019, members of the Tenant-Staff Election Working Group signed a terms of reference which will serve as a guide for how they work as a group. You can read the terms of reference (PDF)  to learn about the scope and structure of the Tenant-Staff Election Working Group.

Interim Funding Tables

As part of the transition into the new tenant engagement system, Toronto Community Housing is establishing Interim Funding Tables to help distribute Tenant Councils and Use of Space funds to tenants or tenant groups who need resources for community initiatives.

Applications submission deadline is now closed.

Thank you to all the tenants who applied to be part of the Interim Funding Tables. Toronto Community Housing staff will be in touch within the next few weeks about your application. 

Tenant Action Funds

Do you have an idea have an idea for a project or initiative to address your community priorities? Tenant Action Funds (previously known as Tenant Council Funds) are intended to address local priorities. Starting in August 2019, tenants can apply for the Tenant Action Funds. Visit the Tenant Action Funds page for more information. 

Get involved 

Email EngagementRefresh@torontohousing.ca or call 416-981-4435 to learn more about tenant engagement in your community or tell us if you want to get involved.