Tenant Endorsements

Tenant Endorsements

"I am really impressed with the intelligence and patience of staff and what the new tenant engagement system looks like… We have been trying to get other groups from the building involved and this is the answer." – Jack Chappelle, Tenant


"It (the new model) involves and engages more people and give opportunities for tenants to meet and put their opinion on paper… It is about working with tenants and working with communities and bringing everybody together." – Rui, Tenant


"When tenants engage with employees they are more than happy to help you with anything you need…Staff are really engaging with what residents want." - Kellie Joiles, Tenant


"By having programs for children, By keeping moving forward, By being more informative and also responding to safety concerns of other tenants, I should participate actively in the discussion in the future, My experience today was great and I think today's meeting will help me engage in the future because of everything that was discussed, Well organized and today's meeting brought me up to date on where we are going with the community, Today's meeting brought me up to date with where we are going and where we are going as a community together!, Now I can think about more solutions for the next meeting, I believe today's meeting was really helpful because it let us see what we need to change." – Tenant


"It will help improve the living in the community, we discuss different types of things looking forward to change, it went good I think we spoke about important things - I hope in future things will work for our good, group BBQ to meet neighbours meet and greet new tenants etc." – Tenant