Voting on a Local Engagement Option

Voting on a Local Engagement Option

What am I voting on?

Tenants will be able to vote for the local engagement option of their choice at the building or townhouse level in the refreshed Tenant Engagement System.

If tenants chose to be represented at the building or townhouse level and participate in the Tenant Engagement System, there are two options for them to choose from – Community representatives or Building/townhouse committee. If tenants choose to be independent of the Tenant Engagement System, they can choose to have a Tenant association or No representation in local decision-making.

Where do I vote?

Tenants will vote in their building or townhouse community. The location will vary by community. Keep a look out for posters and other communication materials, or contact your local Community Services Coordinator (CSC). Not sure who your CSC is? Call our Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500 and they will direct you to the right person.

Who can vote?

  • A TCHC tenant; and
  • 16 years of age or older; and
  • Listed on the lease agreement

When do I vote?

Voting will begin in fall 2019 and will last until all TCHC buildings or townhouse communities have had a voting day. Voting dates will vary by community. Tenants will receive at least two weeks' notice.

Keep a look out for posters and other communications materials that speak to when voting will happen in your community.

What is the voting process on voting day?

  • Staff will verify that tenants are on the household lease agreement
  • The Local Engagement Options video will be available to watch at the voting location
  • Tenants will receive a ballot and vote for one option behind a voting screen and the marked ballot will be placed in the ballot box
  • Once voting closes, two tenant volunteers will count the votes publicly and sign off on the results.
  • The results will be documented and posted in the community

Once my ballot has been cast, can it be changed?

No. Once a ballot has been submitted it cannot be changed.

How is voter information kept private and secure?

TCHC takes measures to make sure personal information of voters is kept secure and is used for authorized purposes only. Voter information collected can only be used for Tenant Engagement purposes.

The honesty of the voting process and privacy of your vote is very important. No person shall:

  • Vote without being qualified to do so
  • Vote more than once
  • Interfere with a voter who is marking their ballot
  • Get or try to get information about how a voter has or will vote