Accommodation during tenant election activities

Accommodation during tenant election activities

Two people with masks on, sitting down at a desk. A ballot box is on the desk. A white cane is leaning against the desk.

It is important that tenants participate in the elections process so that the engagement system reflects the priorities and views of as many tenants as possible. Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) is committed to making sure all tenants have equitable access to the Tenant Elections process, and we understand that some accommodations may be needed for tenants to participate fully in election activities. Tenants are asked to contact their engagement Community Services Coordinator (CSC) to request accommodations or if they have questions about potential accommodations.  

Translation/interpretation requests

On request, TCHC will provide interpretation services, including American Sign Language, for any elections-related activities and will translate any written materials. Requests must be made a minimum of 10 days before any event.

Proxy voting

Tenants who are not able to vote at the polling station on their scheduled election day, whether due to absence from the building or self-isolation in their unit, can request proxy voting. A proxy vote is a ballot cast by one person on behalf of another. You will pick one specific person (must be another tenant who lives in your building) and transfer voting responsibility to them. If you are interested in proxy voting, contact your local engagement Community Services Coordinator. They will work with you to fill out the official Proxy Voting form.

Please note: A tenant who wishes to vote, by proxy or not, must pre-register with their CSC.

Physical accessibility

All in-person elections activities will be held in physically accessible venues. This includes the actual building and layout of any spaces used. Accessibility in the built environment requirements cover ramps to raised common areas, clear entry and exit paths that are at least two metres (six feet) wide, and more.  

Accommodation for tenants with visual impairments

Large-print ballots

Each polling station will only use ballots that have candidates' names in large print font and are printed on larger paper.

Assisted voting

Tenants can also request for a polling station official to help them throughout the voting process (also known as assisted voting).

On voting day, tenants who have already preregistered will come to the polling station and go through a COVID-19 screening process. When signing in to vote, the tenant will request assisted voting accommodation, and then a polling station official will safely work one-on-one with the tenant (now known as a voter) to go through the voting process.

The polling station official will tell the voter that they will assist them by reading out the candidates' names and then marking the ballot after the voter has verbally selected their preferred choice. After the voter has identified themselves (name and address) and consented to a recording of the interaction being made, the polling station official will start. 

After the ballot has been physically marked on behalf of the voter, the polling station official will fold the ballot, and then place it in the ballot box.

A recording will be made of the whole interaction, and will be kept on file for five to seven years under the TCHC Records Management policy.

Safety during COVID-19

Safety measures for election activities have been planned and reviewed with Toronto Public Health. Guidelines can be adjusted at the request of the City of Toronto and Toronto Public Health.

You can learn more about the elections-related COVID-19 protocols on the dedicated COVID-19 webpage.

More information

Please contact your local engagement Community Services Coordinator for more information about accommodations or to pre-register to vote.