Voter Information

Voter Information

​Tenant Elections are suspended due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Toronto Community Housing tenants can vote in tenant elections on a date and time yet to be determined due to COVID-19.

On this webpage, you can find information for voters to keep in mind when heading to the polls to vote for their Community Representatives.

What voters need to know for Election Day:
  • Each voter must present identification at the time of registering at the polling station.
  • All tenants over the age of 16 are eligible to vote.
  • Tenants may only vote once and can only vote in their designated polling station.
  • Voters will get a blank ballot initialed by the Poll Captain. Once they receive their blank ballot, they must go behind the voting screen, mark their ballot, fold it and place it in the ballot box.
If a tenant is unable to vote, can someone else vote on their behalf?
Yes. This process is called proxy voting. Proxy voting is a form of voting whereby you may delegate your voting power to someone else to vote on the candidate of your choice on your behalf. In order to do so, a voter must present a completed Proxy Voting Consent Form to the Poll Captain. It is the Poll Captain’s responsibility to check to see if the form is signed, the voter is on the voters’ list and the proxy voter is also on the voters’ list and has not presented a previous proxy.

What if a tenant can’t leave their home to vote?
The Poll Captain may be asked to arrange for a ballot to be taken to a voter who is in the building but unable to physically go to the polling station. The Poll Captain sends a staff member and volunteer to the individual’s unit with a ballot and pencil so the tenant may vote. The tenant requiring assisted voting may select their witness. Their witness can be anyone they choose -- friend, relative, neighbour, personal support worker, etc. The staff member will return the ballot to the poll station, deposit it in the ballot box and give the Poll Captain the name of the voter to cross off the list.

What happens once voting ends on Election Day?
All voters may return to the polling station once voting closes for a public ballot count and announcement of the results. Two tenant volunteers will participate in the public counting of the ballots. When all observers arrive, the ballot box will be opened for the public count to begin. All votes are recorded on a public tally sheet and results are documented in a poster template and posted in the community. The results will also be communicated to all tenants. The tenant volunteer must sign-off on the results in a form attached with the ballot box. Results will also be posted in the building and communicated to all tenants.

What happens if there is a tie?
If there appears to be a tie after counting all the ballots, votes will be recounted. If there is still a tie, the Poll Captain will declare a tie and pack up the poll. The Poll Captain then will ask the candidates if they want to either negotiate a winner or flip a coin. If candidates cannot agree on either option, then a by-election will be held. Candidates will have to sign a note indicating they agree to a by-election. The by-election will only be held for the candidates who are tied.