Apprenticeships and training

Apprenticeships and training

​​CHOICE Carpentry pre-apprenticeship program

The CHOICE Carpentry pre-apprenticeship program provides a unique opportunity for youth to work and train in different aspects of the construction and home renovation industry within their own communities. The program is 12-weeks long and includes job training and practical experience components.

You can register for the program if you:
  • are 16-29 years old 
  • are out of school and out of work 
  • have completed Grade 10 
  • have basic math skills 
The primary objectives of the CHOICE Carpentry pre-apprenticeship program are:
  • to lay the foundation for a sustainable career in the trades for youth at risk 
  • to provide participants with the resources needed to make good career choices 
  • to create an opportunity for participants to improve their standard of living by pursuing viable career paths in the trades 
  • to give youth an incentive to achieve their personal potential 
  • to improve and create vibrant communities that people are proud to call their own 
  • to give youth the skills necessary to find employment and be successful in the job market 

Program description

The first phase of the program is two weeks long. During this time, participants will get intensive health and safety, and basic hand tool training at the College of Carpenters and Allied Trades (CCAT) in Woodbridge, Ontario.

The second phase of the program is 10 weeks long. During this phase, participants will be divided into work crews, and get practical work experience. Participants will continue to train and work under the supervision of CCAT instructors during this phase.

Program completion

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have the option of pursuing apprenticeships in the construction trades that they were exposed to over the course of the pre-apprenticeship program (e.g., general carpentry, drywall). Participants will get job placement assistance and follow-up support by the program partners.

How to apply for the program:
  1. Attend one of the mandatory information sessions listed on the poster.
  2. Write a math test. The math assessment will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and division. Please come to the information session prepared to write a math test - calculators are not allowed.
  3. Complete a checklist of items (Learning Passport). To be considered for an interview, candidates will need to complete a series of job readiness tasks. Learning Passport tasks include; prepare a resume, provide a high school transcript, and attend an orientation session at the CCAT in Woodbridge, Ontario. More information will be made available at the information session.

Income and other supports

Each participant will be paid an hourly rate for all training and work completed as part of the pre-apprenticeship program. The YMCA will also cover the costs of a start-up tool set and PPE - Personal Protective Equipment (hardhat, safety boots and safety glasses) required for work on the jobsite.

​ For more information or to register for a session (pre-registration is required) email or call416-771-7054.
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