Seniors supports and services

Seniors supports and services

About one in four residents living in Toronto Community ​Housing is 59 years of age or older. We work to provide safe, healthy environments for seniors in every community. Learn more by speaking with your local access and support staff.

​Here are some quick links for seniors:​​

Toronto Community Housing 


​Contact information

Client Care Centre for routine maintenance requests, questions about rent or lease, emergency repairs.

​416-981-5500 or

Community Safety Unit for security issues or to report a parking violation on TCHC property.


Complaints for information on reporting complaints and how to do so.

​416-981-6000 or 

Office of the Commissioner of Housing Equity (OCHE) for assistance if you are facing eviction for arrears of rent from TCHC.

416-632-7999 or

City of Toronto


​Contact information

City of Toronto for information about services provided by the City of Toronto.


City of Toronto Seniors Services for services for seniors offered by the City of Toronto.


Housing Connections for housing and housing benefits as well as information about financial benefits.


Toronto Public Health for professional, free, confidential health information and advice or to register for a public health program.


Other support services


​Contact information

Crime Stoppers for crime prevention and reduction.


211 Toronto for access to a wide range of social, health, food, housing and community supports, open 24/7 in 200+ languages.


Toronto Seniors Helpline for access to a wide range of supports and services for seniors seeking assistance.


Seniors Safety Line (Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario) for 24/7 support related to Elder Abuse.


Telehealth Ontario to get confidential health advice or information from a registered nurse.


Telecheck Seniors Program, Distress Centre of Greater Toronto for telephone support for isolated seniors, providing safety check-ins, medication reminders and social calls.


Gerstein Crisis Centre for 24 hour community-based crisis intervention services for adults experiencing mental health crisis.


Toronto Distress Centre for 24-hour emotional support to individuals across the GTA.


Crisis Outreach Service for Seniors – a team who will visit and check in with seniors in crisis situations.


Friendly Neighbourhood Hotline for grocery and household item delivery to seniors living in low-income housing.


Red Cross for food hamper delivery to qualifying seniors who do not have access to food.


Guaranteed Annual Income System ensures a guaranteed minimum income for eligible Ontario seniors by providing monthly benefits.


​Guaranteed Income Supplement additional monthly benefits for eligible low-income seniors who are receiving Old Age Security (monthly benefits for eligible seniors 65 years of age or older who have lived in Canada for at least 10 years).


Ontario Disability Support Program for people who are 65 years of age or older who are not eligible for Old Age Security and are in financial need may qualify for the Ontario Disability Support Program.