Resident parking

Resident parking

​​To qualify for resident parking:
  • Your household must be in good rental standing with Toronto Community Housing.
  • The ownership of the vehicle must be registered to a household member who is on the lease. The address must be a Toronto Community Housing unit where the household member is living.
  • The vehicle ownership must be current (this means it must have a valid Ministry of Transportation sticker).


If you are a resident who wants parking for a vehicle owned by someone who is not a member of your household, review the non-tenant parking p​age.


Parking rates

  • Monthly parking rates may vary depending on the location of the parking lot.
  • The monthly parking fee will not be pro-rated. For example, if you register for resident parking on December 17, you will be charged the full parking fee for the month of December.

How to register

To register for parking, you'll need to bring the completed forms below and original proof of your vehicle ownership to your Operating Unit or Property Management office.

  1. Read the Tenant Vehicle Parking Terms and Conditions (PDF).
  2. Complete and sign the Tenant Vehicle Parking Registration Form (PDF).
  3. Complete the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement form (PDF)​(optional).​
  4. Show proof of vehicle ownership and insurance when you register.