Cancel parking

Cancel parking

​To cancel parking on Toronto Community Housing property and stop parking charges, complete the cancellation form (PDF)​ and bring it to the Operating Unit or Property Management office.

Giving notice

You must give 30 days' written notice to cancel non-tenant parking.

All cancellations will be effective for the end of the month. There is no refund even if you don't park during part of the month. For example, if you hand in your cancellation form to your Operating Unit on December 14, your parking would be cancelled on January 31.

Items to return

You must return the following items within five days ​after the effective date of your cancellation:
  • parking permit barcode, no matter the condition the permit is in
  • access card, fob or garage key

If you do not return these items or if they are lost or stolen, there is a $25 replacement/penalty fee for each item.