Exclusive/commercial use of space

Exclusive/commercial use of space

Commercial space: Space within a Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) building that is designated by TCHC for commercial retail use, which permits commercial or mercantile activity and is leased out for rental revenue. Commercial space is primarily focused on revenue generation and is not typically available to tenants or tenant-led groups for use under this policy.  The commercial portfolio is made up of a large variety of tenants including examples such as coffee chains, restaurants, educational institutions, medical facilities, pharmacies and convenience stores.  TCHC also leases commercial space to daycares and community agencies.

Exclusive/commercial use of space application form:

Insurance form for agencies:


Applicants must satisfy all eligibility criteria in order to be considered for use of non-residential space.

In order to be eligible for community events, non-exclusive and exclusive use of space, applicants must:

1. Primarily serve and benefit tenants by meeting a community need or priority and support Toronto Community Housing's strategic objectives; and

2. Have a mandate and conduct activities that do not conflict with Toronto Community Housing's mission or policies, or with applicable legislation including but not limited to the Code, AODA and the RTA.

3. All applicants must be willing to sign an agreement with Toronto Community Housing and provide proof of insurance.


Read the non-residential use of space policy:

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