September 2021 posters

Resident bulletin board

Labour Day closure

All Toronto Community Housing offices will be closed on Monday, September 6. This poster lets tenants know about the office closure and informs them that the Client Care Centre remains open to assist them.


Tenant Services overview

There are many ways a tenant can get service from TCHC staff. This poster lets tenants know how they can request services, and contact the Solutions team if they need to escalate a service request.



We are re-issuing the Self-ID poster as a permanent poster to remain up on the bulletin board with no take-down date. This poster lets tenants know how to use the Self-ID process to inform TCHC if they have accessibility challenges that requires additional assistance during an emergency. The poster provides information about they can get a copy of the self-ID form and submit it.


Tenant survey

in partnership with Forum Research, we are launching the 2021 Tenant Survey to all households in the family portfolio, including contract-managed buildings. The survey will allow tenants to share their experiences living in Toronto Community Housing buildings anonymously. The survey will help us understand what is most important to tenants and how we can improve. This poster lets tenants know that the surveys are coming, how they can complete them and get more information.