December 2021 posters

Resident bulletin board

Winter Holiday closure

All Toronto Community Housing offices will be closed on Monday, December 27, Tuesday, December 28, and Monday, January 3, 2022. This poster lets tenants know about the office closure and informs them that the Client Care Centre remains open to assist them.


Tenant Loop

Read the latest issue of the Winter 2021 Tenant Loop. The newsletter is now available online and in print.


Keep warm in the winter

As we enter the cold weather, it is important for tenants to know how to stay warm while also conserving energy in their unit. This poster contains tips to help tenants stay warm and healthy throughout the winter season.


Safety guide

The new safety guide explains how tenants and TCHC should respond to different safety situations. This poster lets tenants know that the new safety guide is now available and how they can get a copy of the guide.


Fraud awareness

Fraud can come in many forms. Our fraud awareness poster educates tenants on how to prevent being a victim of fraud and who to contact for help.


COVID-19 Social distancing

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 by keeping a distance. The poster explains social distancing guidelines.