Transferring the scattered housing portfolio

Transferring the scattered housing portfolio

​On January 12, 2018, City Council approved the Implementing Tenants First – Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) Scattered Portfolio and an Interim Selection Process for Tenant Directors on the Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board (PDF) report. The report directed TCHC to:

  • transfer ownership and operation of TCHC's Agency Houses and Rooming Houses to qualified non-profit housing operators with expertise in providing vulnerable tenants, including people with a history of homelessness, with the supports they need for successful tenancies; and
  • transfer the balance of TCHC's scattered portfolio to non-profit housing providers, co-ops and community land trusts that are qualified to engage with tenants, improve the condition of the properties and retain the properties as affordable housing in perpetuity.

Tenants living in agency houses and the scattered housing portfolio will not lose their housing or their subsidy. 

About TCHC's scattered housing portfolio

Toronto Community Housing's  scattered housing portfolio consists of agency houses, rooming houses and single family houses, which together contain a total of 170 units. These types of housing are described below.

Agency house: 

A TCHC-owned house that is currently leased by a non-profit corporation for a housing related purpose. Housing-related purposes include but are not limited to social housing, affordable housing, emergency shelter, transitional housing, providing housing or settlement services for newcomers, and providing housing in a variety of settings to vulnerable residents, including those that require supports. Agency houses make up 26 buildings across TCHC’s portfolio.

Rooming house: 

A TCHC-owned house with shared kitchen and/or washroom, occupied by four or more tenants, each of whom pays an individual rent. Rooming houses make up a total of 22 buildings and 204 units across TCHC’s portfolio. 

Single family house: 

A TCHC-owned house that is a single unit or multiple apartments within a house. Single family houses make up 783 units across TCHC’s portfolio. 

Request for Expression of Interest for Scattered Houses (REOI) 

On August 18, 2017, TCHC and the City of Toronto issued a joint Request for Expression of Interest (REOI).  The REOI sought information about the interest of non-profits, co-operatives, land trusts and other community agencies in the operation of 693 scattered houses, giving the non-profit sector an opportunity to provide input into the future of TCHC’s scattered houses portfolio.

Two separate REOIs have been issued for the operations of a total of 693 houses (647 single and multi-family houses and 46 rooming houses). The REOI information was provided directly to non-profit housing providers and supportive housing providers that are interested in the stock of scattered properties owned and operated by TCHC. 
The REOI has helped to assess a range of possible innovative service delivery models, funding models and housing operators for TCHC’s scattered houses portfolio. 

Visit the City of Toronto’s REOI website for more information about this process. 

Request for Proposal for Housing Supports for TCHC Rooming House Tenants

The City of Toronto issued two Request for Proposals (RFPs) for TCHC’s rooming houses and for the transfer of the scattered houses in 2019. Visit the City of Toronto’s RFP for Housing Supports for TCHC Rooming House Tenants website for more information on the RFP process.