Progress to date

Progress to date

​Tenants First – Phase 1 Implementation Plan

City Council adopted the Tenants First – Phase 1 Implementation Plan on July 4, 2017. The key elements of the report include: 

  • the creation of a new Seniors Housing and Services entity that is more directly accountable to City Council and is responsible for the management of 83 seniors-designated buildings currently within the TCHC portfolio
  • a new TCHC and the start of a process for refocusing TCHC’s mandate as a social housing provider serving the needs of families, youth, vulnerable tenants and seniors living in mixed buildings
  • adequate funding for both TCHC and the proposed new Seniors Housing and Services entity;
  • creating a plan to transfer TCHC scattered housing portfolio to non-profit housing providers; and
  • testing new ways to deliver services to tenants through pilot projects across the portfolio.
TCHC is supporting the Tenants First Project Management Office on the Phase 1 Implementation Plan and the additional Council reports that have directed the process. To date, TCHC and the Tenants First Project Management Team have: 

  • created the Interim Seniors Housing Unit to manage TCHC’s 83 seniors-designated buildings;
  • established an interim process to select Tenant Directors for the Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors;
  • tested new ways of delivering service tenants through a comprehensive pilot projects across the portfolio; and
  • start the process to transfer the 660 scattered housing portfolio to non-profit housing providers, co-ops and community land trusts. 

Accelerating Tenants First

On January 30, 2019, City Council directed the Tenants First Project Management Office to accelerate the Tenants First Project, to find synergies between TCHC and the City, and to propose required governance changes. On April 30, 2019, City Council approved the Accelerating the City's Tenants First Project (PDF) report. The key recommendations of the report include: 

  • expanding the City's Long-Term Care Homes and Services division to become the Seniors Services and Long-Term Care division;
  • accelerating the process to transfer of TCHC Agency, Rooming and Uninhabitable Houses to non-profit organizations
  • directing TCHC to partner with City staff to develop a plan to reduce violence in TCHC communities.
The next report on Tenants First will be considered by City Executive Committee and City Council in the summer of 2019.