Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

​Is TCHC supportive of Tenants First? 

TCHC supports the Tenants First project and we are committed to partnering with the City to implement the recommendations approved by City Council. We continue to work closely with the Tenants First Project Team on implementing Council's directions.  

How will Tenants First impact tenants? 

Tenants First is a City of Toronto-led project that sets out to make improvements to Toronto Community Housing and and support it to become a more focused landlord. Tenants First outlines strategic directions aimed at enhancing TCHC's capacity to provide clean, safe, well-maintained homes for TCHC tenants and to help foster neighbourhoods where tenants have opportunities. It also identifies new service models that will help improve the financial sustainability of TCHC and enhance the quality of life for TCHC tenants.

Tenants First is about improving the lives of TCHC tenants through better service delivery, increased access to services, improved building conditions and strengthened tenant engagement.

No tenants will be moved or lose their subsidy because of Tenants First.

What changes will Tenants First have on TCHC? 

As directed in the City Council approved report Tenants First – Phase 1 Implementation Plan and the supplementary Council approved reports, to date TCHC has made the following changes:

  • creating the Interim Seniors Housing Unit to manage TCHC's 83 seniors-designated buildings and working with partners to design an integrated service model for seniors;
  • establishing an interim process to select Tenant Directors for the Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors; and
  • starting the process to transfer the 660 scattered housing portfolio to non-profit housing providers, co-ops and community land trusts.

Additional recommendations for transforming TCHC will be presented to Executive Committee and City Council in July 2019. This report will address the following outstanding Tenants First recommendation.

Why did TCHC create the Interim Seniors Housing Unit? 

City Council approved the report, Implementing Tenants First - Creating a Seniors Housing Unit at Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Transitioning Towards a Seniors Housing and Services Entity at the City on May 22, 2018. This report directed TCHC to create an interim unit to manage seniors housing, and in response TCHC created the Interim Seniors Housing Unit with a separate management structure within the organization. .

The unit's mandate includes managing TCHC's portfolio of 83 seniors-designated buildings and working with the City of Toronto and other stakeholders to design and implement an integrated service model for seniors housing that will promote aging in place, better quality of life and successful tenancies for all TCHC seniors. 

How will the integrated service model impact senior tenants living in senior-designated buildings and seniors living in family buildings?

The recommendations will improve access to services for all seniors living in TCHC. There will be better coordination of the services provided to seniors by organizations outside of TCHC and better alignment of senior-focused programs delivered by the City of Toronto, the provincial government and the federal government. All seniors living in TCHC will be better positioned to age in place.

How will the transfer of the scattered housing portfolio affect tenants? 

The transfer of agency houses and the scattered portfolio is designed to improve and transform the delivery of housing and services to tenants. Tenants living in agency houses and the scattered housing portfolio will have a new landlord, but will not lose their housing or their subsidy unless there is an income change.  

Did the City consult with tenants throughout the Tenants First process? 

As part of the Tenants First process, the City of Toronto created the Tenants First Tenant Advisory Panel. The Tenants First Project Team and the Tenants First Tenant Advisory Panel have hosted various engagement activities across the city to consult with TCHC tenants on Tenants First recommendations and implementation plans.

The Tenants First Project Team also held information sessions for tenants in advance of each report for City Council. 

How can I have input on the Tenants First process? 

The City's Tenants First Project Team is the lead for tenant consultations for Tenants First. To learn how to get involved, visit the Tenants First website or contact the Tenants First Project Team by email at or by phone at 416-392-8239

How can I learn more about Tenants First?

Tenants First is a City of Toronto-led project. For more information on Tenants First, please visit the City of Toronto's Tenants First website or contact the Tenants First Project Team at