About Tenants First

About Tenants First

About Tenants First 

Tenants First is a City of Toronto-led project that sets out to make improvements to Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and support it to become a more focused landlord. The overall focus of Tenants First is to implement a plan in which Toronto Community Housing can improve tenants' lives through better service delivery, and by providing buildings in good repair and opportunities for tenants to be connected to appropriate services and actively participate in their communities.

City Council first adopted the Tenants First – A Way Forward for Toronto Community Housing and Social Housing Toronto report (PDF) on July 12, 2016. This report included proposed changes to transform Toronto Community Housing (TCHC).

To continue the work of the Tenants First Plan, the City of Toronto established the Tenants First Project Management Office in the Social Development, Finance and Administration (SDFA) Division. The Tenants First Project Management Office is leading the development and implementation of the Tenants First plan, including:

  • A review TCHC's core business;
  • Development of a permanent and sustainable funding model; and
  • A revision of the shareholder direction to TCHC and operating agreement as required.

TCHC supports Tenants First, and we are working closely with the Tenants First Project Team at the City of Toronto.   

For all City Council reports that have informed the Tenants First plan to date, please check out the Tenants First Council Reports section below. 

For more information on Tenants First, please visit the City of Toronto's Toronto Community Housing: Tenants First webpage. 

Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation

For information and updates to the City of Toronto's Seniors Housing corporation, visit toronto.ca/toronto-seniors-housing-corporation to learn more.

Tenants First Council reports 

Here are links to the reports related to Tenants First. Click on the link to find the copy of the report on the City of Toronto's website.