​​​​Queensway/Windermere is one of three pilot communities in the ReSet program​. Through ReSet, an innovative approach to delivering capital repairs, the community will undergo quality repairs and residents will be engaged in building a community that fits their needs.


  • 1-153 and 2-154 Swansea Mews​
A map showing buildings in Queensway/Windermere area


  • 154 units (3 and 4 bedrooms)
  • 4-storey stacked townhouses (9 blocks)
  • Built in 1973​


  • September 2015 – Architects and engineers selected
  • October 2015 – Local design teams formed
  • October 2015 to December 2015 – Architects and engineers meet with communities to understand needs and begin design process
  • Early 2016 – Architects and engineers develop with local design teams develop design principles to guide the work
  • January to September 2016 – Architects and engineers conduct further investigation and analysis to understand the site conditions​​

Local design team

Each pilot community has a local design team made up of residents. The Queensway/Windermere design team will collect input from local residents on what repairs and programs are needed in the community, and work with the designers (architects and engineers) to develop plan options based on the community’s needs and budget. The plans will then be presented to all residents in the community.

Please email reset@torontohousing.ca for more information about how to get involved in the local design team.​