Tenants First Youth Pilot connects youth to educational, employment and health resources in their communities

Tenants First Youth Pilot connects youth to educational, employment and health resources in their communities

June 14, 2018


TORONTO, June 14, 2018—Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and the City of Toronto have launched a Youth Pilot to explore new ways to engage and serve youth in Toronto, as part of the City's Tenants First initiative.  


"Our aim is to provide young people with the necessary tools and resources to develop partnerships with community organizations and launch youth-led projects," said Toronto Community Housing President and CEO Kathy Milsom. "The Youth Pilot is also designed to connect youth with community employment resources and mental health supports."


The year-long pilot kicked off with a full-day youth leadership workshop designed and facilitated by youth leaders. More than 30 youth leaders from Rexdale gathered on May 12th to explore practical ways to support their peers and improve their communities. The hands-on seminar focused on youth wellness, recovery and resilience, social media activism, supporting postsecondary students, and introducing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs into the community.


"The Youth Pilot is part of ongoing collaborative work between the City and TCHC," said Chris Brillinger, Executive Director of Social Development Finance and Administration at the City of Toronto. "We are excited by this opportunity to support positive youth development and equitable access to meaningful opportunities for youth across the city." 


Muhudin Mohiadin, 23, a recent graduate of York University and a youth leader from the Orpington Crescent Community, said, "Youth are an asset in their communities, and I believe this youth engagement model will allow youth to reconnect, voice their opinions, and use social media to raise awareness of local issues and pool funds for community projects."


"Through the Youth Pilot, we want to include youth in visioning, planning and decision-making for youth strategies in our communities," said TCHC Vice-President of Resident and Community Services Angela Cooke.

The initial scope of the pilot will focus on the 20 TCHC communities in Rexdale with the highest youth populations (ages 13 to 29).




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