We do repairs every day of the year

We do repairs every day of the year

June 09, 2016

​ ​ A graphic shows the total number of maintenance requests received in 2015.

​The 2015 Annual Report, In every neighbourhood, looks back at what we achieved last year and looks ahead to the work still to be done. It also emphasizes the value of our housing and why investing in its future makes sense.

Investing in capital repairs

We are actively fixing our aging buildings because they urgently need repair after more than a decade of underfunding. In 2015 we received 30,580 service requests and 454,722 maintenance requests. This works out to about 1,600 requests received every day last year. By the end of the year, we had completed 25,000 capital repair projects over the first three years of a 10-year, $2.6-billion investment plan approved by City Council, and we are nearing the 30,000 mark in 2016.

See our progress online with our Capital Repairs Tracker

In 2015 we also launched our online Capital Repairs Tracker, repairs.torontohousing.ca​. It tracks completed, in progress and planned capital repairs across the city. Anyone can visit the website to see the progress and locations of repairs.
Other repair highlights from the 2015 Annual Report include:
  • We repaired or installed new roofs for 8,965 households.
  • Elevators were upgraded in 36 communities.
  • New or refurbished boilers were installed in 38 of our buildings.
  • 1,164 of our households received upgraded balconies.
  • We installed new windows in 1,298 households.
View the 2015 annual report at annualreport.torontohousing.ca​. You can also find this link from the home page of our website at torontohousing.ca​.

Printed copies of the 2015 Annual Report 

We have printed a limited number of copies of the 2015 Annual Report. A few copies are being sent to each Operating Unit office.
Residents who would like a printed copy of the 2015 Annual Report can call 416-981-5500, email ​help@torontohousing.ca​ or visit their local Operating Unit office.
Anyone can print copies of the PDF​ from the website. The 2015 Annual Report was designed to be easily printed in offices or at home.