Toronto Community Housing acts to deliver cleaner buildings

Toronto Community Housing acts to deliver cleaner buildings

November 19, 2015

​TORONTO - Toronto Community Housing is making a number of improvements this fall to deliver cleaner buildings and better living conditions for residents.

The company added 60 building cleaning staff in 2015 and has set specific cleaning standards and routines for each building type. All building cleaning staff received an orientation that included customer service training, and will be fully trained on new cleaning standards and routines by the end of 2015.

In addition, Toronto Community Housing has worked with its labour partners so that cleaners can be assigned to communities rather than individual buildings. This additional flexibility enables cleaners to be redeployed as needed to buildings with higher demands. Together with the changes to cleaning standards and staff training, the measures are expected to result in a 15-per-cent decline in on-demand cleaning requests.

Additionally, Toronto Community Housing is in year two of a new integrated pest management program which is seeing dramatic results: treatment volumes are up by 74 per cent over 2014, the cost per treatment has been reduced by 34 per cent, and the number of needed treatments per infestation are down by 11 per cent. This proactive whole-building model for high-needs communities reduces infestations through resident engagement, full-building pest audits, and improving access to supports for residents who need them, such as unit preparation and extreme cleaning for units experiencing high levels of clutter.

As noted in its response ​to the interim report of the Mayor's Task Force, if Toronto Community Housing can secure the necessary funding, it will develop an evening and weekend cleaning program and expand its proactive pest management program to more high-needs buildings.


"Toronto Community Housing is taking immediate action to make its buildings cleaner, as committed to in our response to the Mayor's Task Force. The additional cleaners, new standards and routines, better training, and proactive approach to pest management, will result in positive change for the residents who live in our communities."
-Greg Spearn, President and CEO (Interim),
Toronto Community Housing

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