Young Toronto Community Housing residents get job experience through innovative YouthWorx program

Young Toronto Community Housing residents get job experience through innovative YouthWorx program

November 14, 2013

Over 100 young residents helped to build vibrant communities and gained employment skills during the first year of Toronto Community Housing�s YouthWorx program, which wrapped up at the end of October.

Wearing bright yellow t-shirts, YouthWorx participants worked on various jobs, including community clean-ups, light repairs, community gardening, events and beautification, weeding and shrub pruning.�

YouthWorx participants stop for a smile at a Swansea Mews BBQ

Participants found the program to be an amazing personal experience, and were involved in training activities such as career cruising, time management and money management training, team building exercises, and career exploration and development.

�Working with YouthWorx has shown me a different side of my neighbourhood in Toronto Community Housing, compared to the public image portrayed,� said program participant Abdirahman. �The characteristics obtained while working with Toronto Community Housing have not only benefited me during the time period working with the group, but it is also tattooed into me � being carried on for future work.�

YouthWorx youth take part in a training session

�I was directly part of cleaning up my community and building, making it safer for the kids to play at the park,� said Maltia, another participant. �It�s important for each person to clean up after themselves and their community. It�s been almost five years since I had my last job and YouthWorx has reminded me that my options in life are limitless.�

YouthWorx crew help carry knapsacks for a school-supplies giveaway

Toronto Community Housing aims to create and foster opportunities that contribute to improved well-being for residents and neighbourhood quality of life. As part of Toronto Community Housing's Year of the Youth initiative, innovative programs like YouthWorx are getting young residents involved in positive activities that develop stronger, healthier communities. To learn more, please click here.�

Other municipalities are looking to adopt the YouthWorx model. To find out more please contact Nadia Gouveia at 416-981-4090 or