Willowdale Don Valley celebrates office opening

Willowdale Don Valley celebrates office opening

July 22, 2009


Lydia Yu, a Customer Service Facilitator helping a tenant.


On Tuesday, July 21, staff and tenants gathered to celebrate the opening of the new Willowdale Don Valley Operating Unit office.

Acting COO Steve Floros, Operating Unit Manager George Barei and Community Housing Supervisor Kelly Tessier-Wheeler took part in the ribbon- and cake-cutting to mark the occasion.

Located at 2739 Victoria Park Ave (north of Sheppard Ave E), the office was designed to be accessible and to reflect Toronto Community Housing's commitment to excellent customer service.

The office opening is welcome news for both staff and tenants. They have both been patient and understanding throughout the move process. Staff have been working in temporary offices while the renovations have been taking place. Tenants have been coping with the inconveniences of office moves and changing office locations.

Feedback from the opening suggests the new office is worth the wait.

"It makes life easier for both staff and tenants," said Ingrid Warren, one of six Tenant Service Coordinators working out of the office. "Tenants find us easier and there is definitely a teamwork atmosphere among staff."

"Tenants feel closer to us. It's more personal and less corporate," said Lydia Yu, a Customer Service Facilitator. "Plus, I have the biggest space, so I can't complain."

Johanna Ambridge, a tenant who came to the opening, likes the office because it's more open and accessible and there is space for her to wait. "[Toronto Community Housing] really needed this new office. I didn't realize how much until I walked in. It's much better."