Voting Results - Tenant Board Member Selection Process

Voting Results - Tenant Board Member Selection Process

May 15, 2015

Elected Tenant Representatives from across the City had an opportunity this week to select two tenant nominees for the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing.

The voting process was held from May 12 to 15, 2015.

After polls closed on May 15, 2015, Elections Toronto worked with Toronto Community Housing resident scrutineers to tally the votes.

Here are the results. The two nominees are:

Nominee:�Catherine Wilkinson
Nominee:�Robert Carlo

The two alternates are:

Alternate:�Conrad Hall�
Alternate:�Anita Dressler

The names of the two successful nominees (and two alternates) will be put forward to City Council for consideration.

Please click this link to learn more about the Tenant Board Member Selection Process.�