Updating the Community Management Plan for 2008-2010

Updating the Community Management Plan for 2008-2010

November 09, 2007

Thank you to everyone who came out for the consultations on the Community Management Plan (CMP) on Monday November 5. We heard from about 500 people at two meetings –  participants included staff, tenants and community agencies.

The meeting helped us achieve two things. First, we got to report on how we're doing with the initiatives in the CMP 2007-2009. Second, we got to hear what people think about what's been done and we heard their ideas on how we can move forward with the plan.

At the beginning of the meetings, participants had a chance to walk around the main room where there were posters that listed the initiatives in the CMP 2007-2009 including the original targets, accomplishments for 2007 and the plan for 2008-2010. There was also a chance to speak to some of the people who are leading these initiatives. Next Derek Ballantyne, CEO, spoke to the group about some of the highlights out of the plan along with some of the factors that need to be considered in how we move forward, both issues and opportunities. Then at each table, participants got a chance to discuss the three initiatives they felt held the most priority for them.

Overall, according to participants, the top three most important initiatives were:

  • Good state of repair in buildings
  • Safe communities
  • Social inclusion, especially regarding mental health and social isolation

With the help of a facilitator, each table spoke about their top three initiatives - what's working, what's not working and ideas on how to make the initiative a success as we move forward. Recorders captured all the ideas and then each group reported back. These great conversations will be a great help in updating the CMP for 2008-2010.

Check back next week to see the information that was available at the meeting, the results from the conversations and a chance to submit your thoughts online.