Update from the Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) Committee

Update from the Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) Committee

December 22, 2014

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) Committee ​is a resident-led committee that advocates for the needs of residents living with physical disabilities and identify how to improve accessibility at Toronto Community Housing. Below is the committee's year-end update.

The R-PATH Committee (Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing) has had a busy 2014.  R-PATH has accomplish​ed th​e following in pursuit of the advocacy of residents with disabilities: 

  1. Identified four additional categories of capital needed to address more communities. R-PATH recommended a 2015 budget of $6.5 million to significantly move accessibility forward in 2015, better meeting the needs of residents.
  2. Worked diligently with Toronto Community Housing’s Facilities Management and Development teams to help develop standards for new builds to address the needs of currently used medical devices. Many of these standards exceed the Ontario Building Code because it is more cost efficient on the long term.
  3. Developed a rating system for a more detailed inventory of accessible units and/or modifications. 
  4. Developed a rating system for more detailed inventory of common spaces.
  5. Developed a check list that will help residents identify what they need in a unit modification.
  6. Conducted more than 20 site visits, many of which have resulted in formal reports to Toronto Community Housing executive management with recommendations. By working collaboratively with Toronto Community Housing, better decisions for upgrades or repairs have been made. 
  7. Advocated for individual residents with specific accessibility needs.
  8. Worked with Toronto Community Housing to develop and co-facilitate feedback sessions for residents with disabilities to get their recommendations to be considered in the new Accessibility Policy being developed.
  9. Participated in the People in Motion Show 2014
  10. Participated in the St. Lawrence Neighborhood Canada Day Parade
  11. Researched and provided case study reports to Toronto Community Housing to assist them in providing more efficient processes and the practical lens for higher quality modifications. 
  12. Provided assistance to help Toronto Community Housing become compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and provide practicality in long term planning.   
  13. Reviewed and edited documentation to make processes more clear to residents.
  14. Participates in the Internal Accessibility Working Group
R-PATH is looking forward to continuing to work with Toronto Community Housing on all matters related to accessibility and advocating in a positive way on behalf of disabled residents living in Toronto Community Housing. 

If you want R-PATH to help you and/your community or you are interested in joining R-PATH, please contact: Cathy Birch, R-PATH Committee Chair at cbirch619@msn.com​