Two statements from Toronto Community Housing on outcome of Board of Directors investigation

Two statements from Toronto Community Housing on outcome of Board of Directors investigation

June 25, 2015

​​​1. Bud Purves statement:

The board met today to discuss the findings of outside legal counsel concerning allegations that Interim President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Spearn may have inappropriately used company resources to remove a washer and dryer from his home, and to deliver and install a new washer, dryer and laundry basin in his home. The board engaged outside counsel to investigate these allegations after receiving a complaint from a resident in April of this year.

The board is satisfied that:
  • No Toronto Community Housing staff or resources were used to deliver and install a new washer and dryer in Mr. Spearn’s home.
  • Mr. Spearn acted in good faith in donating h​is old washer and dryer to the company so they could be used by a resident family.
  • The use of staff and company resources to remove the washer and dryer from Mr. Spearn’s home was for the sole purpose of donating these items.
  • Mr. Spearn did not violate company policies when he paid a Toronto Community Housing employee to install a laundry basin in his home outside of working hours.

We have reminded Mr. Spearn that all Toronto Community Housing employees and especially its senior leaders must ensure their actions are beyond reproach to avoid the appearance of a misuse of company resources. He has accepted our constructive feedback on this matter and expressed his sincere regret for the misunderstandings that have occurred. No disciplinary action will be taken and the board considers this matter to be closed.

Furthermore, the board wishes to express its support for Greg Spearn as our Interim President and CEO. Greg has brought a unique passion to his leadership role and has made many significant contributions over the past 15 months. Most notably, Greg’s focus on stabilizing the organization during a time of change and transition has allowed our employees to keep their heads down and get on with the job of delivering our mandate. The board looks forward to continuing to work with Greg to achieve our company’s strategic goals.

2. Greg Spearn Statement

I met earlier today with the Board of Directors to discuss the outcome of the investigation into allegations that I misused our company’s resources for personal benefit. I am pleased that the report concludes I did not, in fact, misuse corporate resources or violate company policies, and that the allegations were the result of a misunderstanding regarding my efforts to donate a washer and dryer in good working condition to the organization. This was solely intended to be a charitable gesture on my part. I did it because I believe wholeheartedly in the work that we do as a company.

While that was my intent, the attention that my actions have garnered and the process that has ensued have been a distraction for our company and caused me to re-examine my choice to hire an employee to perform paid work in my home outside of company hours. Although the investigation confirmed that no rules were broken, I now see how this did give rise to questions and concerns, and I sincerely regret the misunderstanding caused by my actions.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for reviewing these allegations with a focus on ensuring that we remain accountable to residents, our City shareholder and the public. The board has given me constructive feedback on how I can avoid such issues in future and I have told the board that I will own this and exercise greater care.

I hope we can put this behind us and move forward together in delivering our core mission of providing safe, clean, affordable housing, building vibrant communities, and delivering service excellence.

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