Toronto Community Housing to launch repair blitz in up to 80 buildings

Toronto Community Housing to launch repair blitz in up to 80 buildings

August 29, 2012

Toronto Community Housing will launch a repair blitz of up to 80 buildings over the next two years. The repairs will be funded through the $11.5 million available in the State of Good Repair Fund. This targeted work will result in improvements to up to 16,000 units and help address the $751 million capital repair backlog.

"Over the next two years, residents in many of our highest-need buildings will see a marked improvement to their homes and common areas", said Gene Jones, president and CEO of Toronto Community Housing. "This approach will allow Toronto Community Housing to do the best we can with the limited resources we have."

During the repair blitz, crews will tackle repairs needed in one building before moving on to the next. This approach has been proven effective in jurisdictions facing similar challenges to Toronto, such as New York City. Priorities will be determined through an analysis of work orders and through inspections conducted by staff and residents.

Examples of the work that would be addressed during this repair blitz include:
� replacing carpets with new flooring that is resilient and bed-bug resistant
� installing new baseboards to prevent pest migration
� replacing doors
� patching walls
� fixing plumbing and lighting fixtures
� repairing and securing main entrances
� improving signage
� painting
� repairing exterior lighting
� landscaping and tree pruning to improve community safety

"Everyone deserves to take pride in where they live and work," said Jones. "Everyone needs to pitch in--staff and residents-and if we work together we can improve our communities for the better."

Toronto Community housing will ensure value through money through best practices in procurement and planning. For example, the corporation expects to reduce the cost of repairs by buying in bulk and bundling work.

In the coming months, the corporation expects to generate up to $24 million for the State of Good Repair Fund through the sale of 65 stand-alone properties. This funding would be dedicated to major capital repairs.

More information about the State of Good Repair Fund can be found here.