Toronto Community Housing tenant board member election results

Toronto Community Housing tenant board member election results

May 30, 2011

Toronto Community Housing announced the results of elections held to choose new tenant members of the company�s Board of Directors.

The two candidates receiving the highest and second highest number of votes have been chosen as tenant board members for a two year renewable term.

Munira Abukar�

Catherine Wilkinson

The candidates receiving the third and fourth highest number of votes will be named as alternate board members.

Tarak Ahmed�

Simone Samuel�

Voting took place between May 24th and 27th. The tenant board members were selected by a pool of more than 500 elected tenant and youth representatives who represent 164,000 tenants living in 2,240 buildings across Toronto. Elections were conducted with the assistance of Toronto Election Services to ensure the process was done with the greatest integrity.

The appointments are subject to final approval by Toronto City Council, which is responsible for naming Toronto Community Housing�s Board of Directors. Appointments are expected to be made when Council meets on June 14 and 15, 2011.


Toronto Community Housing is Canada's largest social housing provider and home to more than 164,000 tenants with low and moderate incomes�about six per cent of the City of Toronto's population. Toronto Community Housing employs 1,400 staff in a broad range of jobs, who deliver its mandate to provide affordable housing, connect tenants to services and opportunities, and work together to build healthy communities.



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Catherine Wilkinson 416-850-8724�
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