Toronto Community Housing starts consultations for the State of Good Repair: In your unit program

Toronto Community Housing starts consultations for the State of Good Repair: In your unit program

October 29, 2012

Last week, a specially-trained team started working with residents to identify and address necessary repair work�at Morningside Coronation.�This innovative program will help Toronto Community Housing catch up on repairs�and give residents input into setting priorities for their homes and communities.
Here�s how it works:
  1. The staff inspection team was in the community from October 22 to 26. Throughout the week they conducted inspections, working with residents to determine what needs fixing in their homes and in common areas.�
  2. Teams of contractors, trades, and service staff will be in the community over the following weeks to complete the identified repairs in a short time frame.�

The advantage of doing repairs all at once is that we can perform a high volume of the same types of repairs on individual units in a short time frame. By coordinating repair efforts, the program makes efficient use of resources and ensures maximum impact and cost effectiveness.�

The types of work covered by this program include:
  • Wall repairs and paint touch ups
  • Faucet and related plumbing leaks
  • Light fixtures, switches and electrical receptacles�
  • Bathtubs, counters toilets, sinks, tiles and caulking�
  • Doors, locks, weather-stripping, mailboxes and doorbells
  • Window screens, broken or damaged glass
  • Fire safety equipment, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Duct and vent covers, exhaust fans and stove hoods
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Minor fence and asphalt repairs�
  • Floors, stairs and railings
  • Benches and playgrounds
  • Trimming and pruning trees and hedges

Key Facts:
  • Toronto Community Housing is investing $11.5 million in the building repair program over the next two years. The program will undertake repairs in 80 buildings with the greatest needs.�
  • Over the next year we plan on completing 48,000 work orders in 16,000 units.
  • Morningside Coronation was chosen as a pilot site based on:�
    • The volume of needed repairs in the specified categories
    • Whether it could benefit from common area upgrades, exterior painting or lighting repairs to improve security.�