Toronto Community Housing welcomes Councillor Director appointments

Toronto Community Housing welcomes Councillor Director appointments

December 03, 2014

​TORONTO, December 3, 2014—Bud Purves, Chair of the Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors, issued the following statement today.

“On behalf of the board, management, staff and residents of Toronto Community Housing, it is my pleasure to congratulate the City Councillors on their appointments and welcome them to our team.  We value the continuity of Councillor Ana Bailão’s reappointment and look forward to the contributions of our newest board members, Councillor Raymond Cho, Councillor Joe Cressy and Councillor Frank Di Giorgio. They are joining us on the cusp of what will be a defining year for Toronto Community Housing and its residents.

“Toronto Community Housing is poised to make real progress in 2015 in repairing and renewing its aging housing stock, delivering better services, securing funding for major capital repairs from the federal and provincial governments, and being the landlord of excellence that residents deserve and the people of Toronto expect. The current board and the entire Toronto Community Housing team have worked hard to drive change and improvement to ensure the corporation can deliver on its mandate and strategic priorities, and we are seeing those results. 

“I would also like to thank the departing board members—Councillor Maria Augimeri, Councillor Frances Nunziata, and Councillor Cesar Palacio—for their contributions to the board and their support of Toronto Community Housing and its residents.”
Quick Facts 

The four City Councillors appointed to the Toronto Community Housing board on December 3, 2014 are:

Toronto Community Housing’s 13-member Board of Directors consists of:

  • Three City Councillors;
  • The Mayor or a City Councillor designated to represent the Mayor; and
  • Nine citizens, including two Toronto Community Housing tenants.
About Toronto Community Housing

Toronto Community Housing​​ is Canada’s largest provider of social housing, delivering homes for 58,500 households with low and modest incomes. By providing clean, safe, well-maintained and affordable housing, Toronto Community Housing builds better homes, better neighbourhoods and a better city for all.


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