Toronto Community Housing to create more jobs for residents through capital repair program

Toronto Community Housing to create more jobs for residents through capital repair program

November 13, 2015

​​​​​​​​TORONTO—Toronto Community Housing is building on its success in creating jobs for residents through its Revitalization program by extending the focus of these efforts to the entire capital repair program​,​ including the three ReSet communities.

This capital repair work, combined with the Revitalization work underway in five communities, is expected to create the equivalent of 5,600 full-time jobs in 2016. Toronto Community Housing has set a​ goal of 2.5 per cent of these jobs go to residents in 2016, as part of a long-term target of 10 per cent. To date, Toronto Community Housing has created or supported the creation of nearly 1,400 jobs for residents through Revitalization.

This commitment is in addition to the company’s ongoing work with partners to create jobs and opportunities for residents through youth recreation and employment programs. In 2015, the company hired 340 young residents (age 14 to 29) through these programs, including 115 in the YouthW​orx ​​program​​; 180 in the Rookie League baseball program; and 45 in the KickStart soccer program​.

As noted in the company’s response to the interim report of the Mayor’s Task Force, if it can secure funding Toronto Community Housing will work to increase access to youth recreation and employment programs across the city.
Other ways Toronto Community Housing is creating jobs and opportunities for residents include:
  • Adopting a new procurement protocol to allow Toronto Community Housing to direct-award contracts of less than $100,000 to resident-led businesses.
  • Working with the Toronto and Region Labour Council to plan how we can partner with them to help provide residents with skills training and jobs.
  • Participating in a joint working group on jobs and recreation for residents with the City of Toronto.
  • Providing job searching information sessions for residents on resume writin​g (November 17) and inter​view preparation (Novem​​ber 24)
  • Hosting the annual UPS J​​​ob Fair​ on October 28, where UPS hired 14 Toronto Community Housing residents; other successful candidates also are now part of UPS’s talent pool.
  • Adopting a scholarship policy and sponsorship policy that will guide our strategic approach to expanding existing recreation, employment and scholarship programs for youth.
  • Connecting residents interested in carpentry to training and job placement support through the CHOICE Ca​rpentry Pre-Apprenticesh​ip p​​rogram and Hammer Heads program.


“At Toronto Community Housing we believe it’s essential that residents are provided with access to employment and recreation programs wherever possible. For many years we have fostered partnerships and developed programs to connect residents with these opportunities, and if we can secure the additional funding we need, we can increase access to both existing and new programs.”
—Greg Spearn, President and Chief Executive Officer (Interim)
Toronto Community Housing

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