Toronto Community Housing surpasses 21,000 capital repairs completed as part of its 10-year capital repair plan

Toronto Community Housing surpasses 21,000 capital repairs completed as part of its 10-year capital repair plan

October 05, 2015


Progress after 2016 in jeopardy without additional funding from federal and provincial governments

October 5, 2015
​​TORONTO-The total number of capital repair projects completed by Toronto Community Housing through its 10-year capital repair plan since 2013 has reached 21,026, including 1,323 capital repair projects in September alone.

These latest numbers, available at repairs.toronto​, show that Toronto Community Housing continues to complete approximately 1,000 capital repairs each month - including replacement of boilers and roofs; replacement or
refurbishment of elevators; foundation and building envelope repairs, and new kitchens and bathrooms - to improve building conditions and quality of life for residents across the portfolio. In 2015, a record $175 million will be spent to
make these enhancements, or an average of $14.5 million per month.

By the end of​ 2015, Toronto Community Housing will have invested more than $371 million since January 2013 to address the critical repair needs of its 2,200 aging buildings, over 1,000 of which are more than 50 years old. In 2016, at least an additional $200 million will be invested.

Toronto Community Housing also expects it will match or exceed the 400,000 demand maintenance repairs completed in 2014, as an increasing number of repairs are needed each year just to keep aging systems functioning. Demand maintenance repairs range from fixing plumbing leaks and appliances in residents' units to restoring service to broken-down heating systems, boilers and elevators.

Toronto Community Housing has worked with the City of Toronto to secure funding for one-third of the $2.6 billion required to repair its aging buildings. However, if matching funding is not secured from each of the provincial and federal governments, the money available for urgent capital repairs will start to run out after 2016. This will mean some 4,000 Toronto Community Housing homes will be boarded up as early as 2018, with an additional 3,500 boarded up and 4,000 more in critical condition by 2023.


"Although the 21,000 capital repairs we've completed so far have brought noticeable improvements to many of our properties, this investment represents less than 15 per cent spent of the $2.6 billion required to prevent the closure of 7,500 homes in the next eight years. The fact that we are having to make some 400,000 maintenance repairs each year while the repair backlog continues to grow under​scores the reality that you can only patch something for so long before it just has to be replaced. That's why we need a fully funded 10-year capital repair plan."
President and CEO (Interim), Toronto Community Housing

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