Toronto Community Housing sends Getting it done 2015 progress report to Mayor Tory and Mayor’s Task Force

Toronto Community Housing sends Getting it done 2015 progress report to Mayor Tory and Mayor’s Task Force

December 31, 2015

​Toronto Community Housing today forwarded its Getting it done 2015 progress​ re​port (PDF) to Mayor John Tory and Senator Art Eggleton, Chair of the Mayor's Task Force on Toronto Community Housing.

Toronto Community Housing presented its report entitled "Getting it done: Real change at Toronto Community Housing", to Mayor Tory and the Task Force on September 10, 2015. In total, we committed to implementing 71 actions that would create positive and sustainable changes for residents. Of the 37 actions slated to begin in 2015, 32 were in place as of December 31, 2015, comprising work that was already underway or planned, as well as additional work that was prioritized immediately; the remaining five 2015 initiatives will be implemented in January or February of 2016. There are 14 actions that were to be completed in 2016, and these are well advanced. We have developed business plans for the remaining 20 actions that require additional funding and made a formal submission to our service manager, the City of Toronto, for $13.7 million to carry out this work in 2016.

The Task Force submitted its Interim Report "Improved Living Conditions at Toronto Community Housing: Priority Actions" to Mayor Tory on July 15, 2015. In its report, the Task Force called on Toronto Community Housing to develop action plans within 60 days to address issues identified by residents in four key areas: safety and security, building conditions, jobs and opportunities for residents, and training for staff and contractors. The plans were to include initiatives that could be undertaken before the end of 2015, with the understanding that some could be accomplished using existing resources while others would require additional resources as they could not be accommodated from within Toronto Community Housing's budget.

Through this process, Toronto Community Housing has brought new partners to the table, accelerated work already underway to improve service for residents, and brought new creative solutions to bear on some of our biggest challenges as an organization.

View the Getting it done 2015 progress ​report (PDF).

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