The Community Management Plan 2008-2010

The Community Management Plan 2008-2010

December 20, 2007

The Community Management Plan (CMP) is an important document for Toronto Community Housing. It's a guide for where we want to go and how we want to do it. Really, everything we do it links back to the Community Management Plan. It includes our plans for:

  • keeping our buildings maintained
  • creating healthy communities
  • engaging and creating opportunities for tenants
  • having a great place to work, and
  • being financially responsible.

The Community Management Plan 2008-2010 talks about the progress we've made on the initiatives from the CMP 2007-2009 and explains how we will move forward. This update was developed after consultations with tenants, staff, and other partners. We learned that we are still on the right track with our priorities and that we need to continue to focus on the things that are most important:

  • a good state of repair in buildings
  • safe communities
  • social inclusion, especially regarding mental health and social isolation.

The full CMP is available here.