Tenants' vision for Lawrence Heights approved

Tenants' vision for Lawrence Heights approved

September 14, 2012

City Council voted to adopt a new Social Development Plan: "Shaping Our Community Together: Our Social Development & Action Plan for Lawrence Heights" created by Lawrence Heights residents, neighbours, community groups, Toronto Community Housing and City of Toronto staff.

The goal of the plan is to find as many social and economic opportunities as possible through revitalization and to build an inclusive community that supports connections amongst all residents.

Youth leader Shaon Saeed helped present the plan to Council. If we were to think about revitalization as a person: the physical revitalization is the body what people will see; the Social Development Plan is the soul what people will remember, Shaon said.

Later this year, we will work with the City to begin planning for the implementation of the Social Development and Employment Plans.

Click here to read the SDP.