Tenant Update: 8 am

Tenant Update: 8 am

September 28, 2010

The Ontario Fire Marshal still hasn't cleared 200 Wellesley Street for re-entry.

We will continue to keep you informed via:

the Tenant Information Hotline: 416-981-5520
Regular updates at The Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne)
our websites: www.torontohousing.ca and www.toronto.ca

Building - The Ontario Fire Marshal continues to investigate the cause of the fire while Toronto Community Housing staff and engineers are working to assess the integrity of the structure. We will share more information on re-entry for residents as soon as it becomes available.

Temporary Accommodations - Most residents who were housed in shelters at the Wellesley Community Centre at 495 Sherbourne Street and 255 McCaul Street have been moved to hotels, furnished apartments and other temporary accommodations. Residents received food vouchers for the week and TTC tokens. Regular buses will travel between the new sites and the Wellesley Community Centre which will remain open to provide tenant support services.
Residents who have been staying with friends and family who need food vouchers and TTC tokens can pick them up at the Wellesley Community Centre. All tenants of 200 Wellesley who need assistance or information should come to the Wellesley Community Centre to register.

Re-Entry - When we receive clearance from the Ontario Fire Marshal, we will provide re-entry plans for the residents of 200 Wellesley Street.

Mail - We have arranged with Canada Post to set up a temporary post office. Tenants of 200 Wellesley Street can begin to pick up their mail from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the kitchen counter in the Wellesley Community Centre.

Letters for Tenants without Photo ID - Those who do not have photo identification, should visit the Toronto Community Housing table and ask for an identification letter. Please show your yellow registration card.

Rent Collection for October - Rent for the month of October will not be collected from tenants of 200 Wellesley Street East. We are making arrangements for tenants who normally pay by automatic debit.

Access to Cars - Residents who have cars in the underground parking garage of 200 Wellesley Street East and have their car keys can visit the Toronto Community Housing information table at the Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne Street). Arrangements can be made with Toronto Police Services to take the car out of the garage or remove belongings from it at any time. Once cars are moved from the garage they cannot be returned until further notice.

Lockers - Residents who require a locker to store/secure belongings while they are at work, can visit the registration table at the Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne Street). Lockers are available on site.

Residents requiring medication - Please visit the medical information table if you are waiting for a prescription. Residents who require prescriptions are asked to contact their pharmacist or doctor for additional medication.

Residents requiring medical care - We are working to arrange for health care professionals to staff the medical room at the Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne Street). If you have new symptoms, or your health has changed, please contact your primary care physician. If you are a patient at the 410 Sherbourne Clinic, (416 - 864 - 3096) priority appointments will be made for residents of 200 Wellesley Street. If you do not have a primary care physician, please visit a local walk-in clinic for treatment.

Phones - A cell phone is available for residents' use at the Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne Street).

Scooter recharging - People who use scooters should check in at the Toronto Community Housing information table to let us know the make and model so we can get the right battery chargers.

TTC tokens - A desk has been set up in the Wellesley Community Centre where people can get two transit tokens at a time. Please show your yellow registration card.

Letters for employers - People who require letters for employers saying they have been affected by the fire can get a letter from the Toronto Community Housing information table.

Assistance for pets - Animal Services and Toronto Fire Services have visited all locations where pets were reported. Food and water have been provided for any pets that are still be in the building. For residents who have been reunited with their pets, food and water for pets is available at the Wellesley Street Community Centre.