Tenant Update: 200 Wellesley (as of 3 p.m.)

Tenant Update: 200 Wellesley (as of 3 p.m.)

September 26, 2010

As a result of the fire on Sept. 24 residents of 200 Wellesley are still unable to return to the building. The Office of the Fire Marshal is in charge of the site.

Services for tenants are being provided at Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne) and 255 McCaul street (University of Toronto). At the site, City staff from Toronto Community Housing, Shelter Support and Housing, Toronto Public Health, Social Services and Toronto Animal Services are working together to provide immediate assistance, including options for accommodation, crisis counselling, information on social services, and to assist with other needs. The Canadian Red Cross is also on-site at the City's request to help provide support, including blankets and toiletries.

For safety reasons, and to preserve the integrity of the Fire Marshal's investigation, residents still can not enter the building.

Toronto Community Housing is working with partners including the Fire Marshal to assess and make necessary repairs so residents can return home as soon as it is safe.

Access to vehicles in parking garage

Residents who have vehicles in the underground parking garage and have their car keys will be able to access the parking garage to retrieve the vehicles today between 3:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. Please meet at the entrance to the parking garage where Toronto Police will meet you and escort you to your vehicle. People who can't get to this location during this time can approach the Toronto Community Housing information table at the Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne St.). Once people remove their vehicle they can not re-enter until further notice.


Meals for tenants will be provided at all three sites, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bag lunches for people are going to school or work will be available tomorrow at the Wellesley and McCaul sites in the morning.


People can access clothing at the Goodwill store and Bloor and Sherbourne. You must take your yellow registration card to the Goodwill to get clothing. Goodwill is providing $25 per registration card. The store is open today until 5 p.m. and Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


We are working with Canada Post to arrange for mail to be redirected to a nearby postal office for pickup. We will provide more information once it is available.


Shower facilities are available for tenants at 255 McCaul. There are busses leaving from Wellesley Community Centre to take tenants to 255 McCaul and bring them back.

Assistance for pets

Animal Services and Toronto Fire Services have visited all locations where pets were reported to retrieve pets. Food and water has been left in the site for any pets that may still be in the building. For residents who have been reunited with their pets, food and water for pets is available at Wellesley Street Community Centre.

Assistance with housing options

The City will continue to provide a place to stay and food for tenants for as long as needed. Toronto Community Housing and the City are working together to look at alternative accommodation for the longer term.

Residents requiring medication

People who require medication should go to Wellesley Community Centre and speak to staff at the medical information table for assistance with prescriptions.

TTC - Transit tokens

A desk has been set up in the Wellesley Community Centre where people can get two transit tokens at a time. Please show your yellow registration card.

Scooter power recharging

People who use scooters to move around should check in at the Toronto Community Housing information table to let us know the make and model so we can get the right charger.

Letters for employers

People who require letters for employers to identify they have been impacted by the fire can obtain a letter from the Toronto Community Housing information table.

Tenant Hot-line

Tenants can call the Toronto Community Housing hot-line at 416-981-5520 to get updates.